• The competition will be carried out according to UIPM Rules


    U19: Tetrathlon(Fencing, Swimmming, Laser Run)
    U17: 3 disciplines(Swimming, Laser Run)

    Swimming: 50m indoor pool/8 lanes
    Fencing: 9+1 pistes indoor
    Laser Run: 36+ 2 shooting range with precision laser targets. Synthetic grass

  • All the competition Venues will be located in “Bella Italia EFA Village”
    Address: Viale Centrale, 29 Lignano Sabbiadoro 33054, Italy
    Web: www.bellaitaliavillage.com

  • All participants will be accommodated in Bella Italia Village, 3 Stars Hotel in Viale Centrale, 29 Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), ITALY.
    The price includes full board accommodation and the shuttle from/to the International Airport ”Marco Polo” Venice.
    Please note that the Technical Meeting, Accreditation, and LOC Offices will be also located in “Bella Italia EFA Village”.

  • Transportation from International Airport “Marco Polo” Venice, Airport to the official hotel and the return journey is only guaranteed if the arrival information is provided in the registration system in good time and before the deadline.
    Transportation from the official hotel to the venues for athletes will be according to the competition program. Should any Delegation arrive at Trieste Airport, transportation to the official hotel can be provided with an extra cost as below with prior confirmation with
    the LOC:
    • Private car maximum 3 people 1 way 120 Euro, 2 ways 200 Euro
    • Small bus maximum 16 people 1 way 300 Euro, 2 ways 500 Euro

  • For delegations (athletes, coaches, officials, supporters) reserving a full board

    Registrations Fees (4 Aug 2022)
    Single: 160 € per person per night
    Double: 140 € per person per night
    Triple: 110 € per person per night

    Registrations Fees (after 04 Aug 2022)
    170 € per person per night
    150 € per person per night
    120 € per person per night

    Room Types Available
    Single: 50
    Double: 120
    Triple: 40
    Each price includes full board accommodation Breakfast (open Buffet) Lunch (lunch packets on the Venue) Dinner (open Buffet), shuttle from/ to International Airport “Marco Polo” Venice.

    Delegations who wish to arrange their accommodation must pay an accreditation fee per participant (athlete, coach, guest, or official) to the LOC.
    The amount of the Accreditation fee is set at 50 € per day per person with a minimum payment of 4 days (200 €). In this case, we will provide lunch packets for the competition

    ATTENTION! All extra costs for bank transfers should be worn by the National Federation Otherwise, the amount will be invoiced afterward.
    The accepted payment is through bank transfer and any cost not included in the transfer must be settled on the Competition site only through Credit Card.

    Bank Account Details:
    Beneficiary Name: F.I.P.M.
    Account number: 10125
    Bank Name: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Ag. CONI - L.go De Bosis 1 - 00100 ROMA
    ABI: 01005
    CAB: 03309
    IBAN: IT29B0100503309000000010125

    As a reminder, if on arrival at the competition, teams arrive with fewer athletes, coaches and/or officials than submitted in the registration system and without informing the
    Organizing Nation/LOC at least 7 days before their arrival, the NF will have to pay a fine to the Organizing Nation/LOC of 200 Euro for each person not attending.

  • Delegations are kindly reminded that the UIPM Online registration system is obligatory.
    The online system will be open from 01 July 2022. All information regarding flights schedule, Accommodation bookings, etc, must be submitted, by 11 Aug 2022 at the e-mail address
    lignano2022@fipm.it while all the information concerning laser pistol serial numbers must be sent to internazionale@fipm.it.
    Following the closure of the registration system on 11 Aug 2022 an NF must enter the competition with at least one pentathlete/team per confirmed gender or Women, Mix or
    Men Relay. Any failure to take part having sent their final entries will pay a fine of 600 € to the UIPM.

    Deadlines are as follows
    Participation Confirmation: 01 July 2022
    Hotel Registration: Before 11 Aug 2022
    Closure of Registration: 11 Aug 2022

    If we do not receive complete information about your delegation before the closure of the registration system or we do not receive your delegation’s payment or confirmation, then we will consider your delegation as non-participating.

  • Athletes are only allowed to participate in UIPM sanctioned events if they have a valid Athletes License. Registration is not possible without a License Number. If an athlete does not have a license, they will not be allowed to take part in the competition.
    You are reminded of Rule 1.12.1 i)

  • According to UIPM Rules, all members of attending delegations should insure themselves in case of accidental injury or illness. We highly recommend insurance covering Covid-19 cases as well.
    The organizer will not accept any financial liability or loss, injury, or illness that occurred to participant and or member of the delegation.

  • Laser pistols into Italy for competition purposes are only allowed if all the pistols information is provided in advance with the LOC to be shared with the authorities before the arrival of the team. All the laser pistol serial numbers must be submitted in advance at the e-mail address internazionale@fipm.it. All athletes participating in the competition are advised to arrive with the Laser Pistol already approved and homologated by the provider to facilitate on-site inspection procedures.

  • The LOC can provide specific letters of invitation by name or communicate with our embassies if needed. If you need a Visa to enter Italy please contact us at
    Important Notice: All Participating National Federations MUST send the passport
    copies of their delegation to LOC as soon as possible but not later than 22 Aug 2022.

  • The LOC is committed to taking all preventive measures against COVID-19 infection during the competition time, following all recommendations from both the local government and the UIPM. Please, check thoroughly the actual COVID 19 situation on the Italian Ministry of Health’s official website www.salute.gov.it.

  • • All athletes are kindly requested to wear their official national uniform at the competition. Please also bring a track/record of your anthem and a national flag (192 x 128cm).
    • Weather conditions: +20º Celsius in September
    • Voltage: 220 V

  • Please directly contact the LOC for local information regarding family and friends wishing to attend the competition or for any local questions, you may have.